About Us

Welcome to the Half-Ass Homestead!
We are the Camp and Norris families, neighbors and partners in crime in homesteading half-assery! Both families of five, this blog will share our trial and mishaps in gardening, raising chickens, raising kids, and whatever else we get ourselves into. The kids are excited to contribute to the blog too and have lots of ideas of what they, and we, should share. The husband’s might even write a post or two as well. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of knowledge, sometimes we are short on money, and other times we are just plain too exhausted and busy to do this homesteading thing any other way. You can find out a little more about each of us below!

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The Camp Family

Hey, y’all! We’re the Camp family- Brian Sr., Cory, Brian Jr., Ella Rose, and Grace! We’re from Texas…well, not Brian Sr. (bless his heart 🤣). Brian Sr. and Cory met in central Texas when Brian was stations at Ft Hood and Cory was finishing your undergrad at Texas State University (Go Bobcats!). After returning from his tour in the Iraq War, we started our family.

A little about each of us: Brian Sr. is a proud Army veteran with a love of old cars and trucks, hunting, fishing, being a dad, coaching Jr’s baseball and football teams, Ohio State and the Browns, and of course his wife. Brian will try any food once, unlike Cory. Cory is an educational consultant and speaker, recovering perfectionist, pie lover, art maker, and proud momma and Texan. She loves creating memories with the kids, baking, painting, wine and whiskey. Brian Jr. is a kind, sporty boy with a love of video games, being outside, making jokes, music, and all things football. Ella Rose is the middle child and loves art, writing, crafting and doing experiments (like what music the chick prefer most). Ella is also the chicken whisperer! And last but not least. Grace Lee, our youngest and loudest! Grace loves animals, wearing dresses with her cowboy boots, listening to music with the volume all the way up, making videos and taking pictures.

Since moving from Texas to our 1+ acre home in Ohio in 2018, we’ve enjoyed the more mild summers, four seasons, and year-round green grass the Mid-West has to offer. We’ve also become the best of friends with our neighbors and together have created what our city friends refer to as a “farm” – though it’s far from it. It all started with a “small” garden in the middle of our combined 4 acres of land and, though we have little know how, time, money or energy we’ve begun dabbling into this whole homesteading thing. We’re now raising chickens and expanding the garden crop. We’ve learned a lot in the past few years and more each day. We can’t wait to share it with you.

The Norris Family