Meet Grace

by Grace, age 5

*This post was dictated with an app by Grace and edited for spelling and punctuation (and a little bit of clarity) by Mom.

Hi, I’m Grace and I’m 5 right now! Soon I’m going to have a birthday in a 150 something days. I should be able to take the chicks out on my birthday and I’m sure I’ll get new batteries for my Barbie car so it goes faster. I’m gonna go to kindergarten next year after Mommy teaches me pre-k. On ABC mouse, which is my school work, I have a learning path and my pets on there too. I even have a chick that has Easter eggs that she called an Easter egger.

I kinda like gardening sometimes. Last year, we planted a big garden and we had to plant vegetables with Mommy. I like going out to play with Jack, our dog and I like playing with all my friends.

I have a best friend, Vivian. She has a very good house. I cannot wait til we can have a sleepover again because I got my own toothbrush from dentist. You should go to the dentist, it was so much fun! They gave me floss and toothpaste. The floss tastes like bubble gum and the toothpaste tastes like mint. A girl stuck a thing in my mouth and they took a picture of my teeth, that really kind of hurt when they put the thing in my mouth to take the picture, but I didn’t even tell them about it and I didn’t yell and scream.

I was born in Texas and now I’m at Ohio. I like playing with my brother, his name is Brian, and sister, she is Ella. We play puppets and Xbox, adventure, and we have a rock band. I am the drummer.

I have a creek but it’s behind Ava ‘s house. We go there and play, it’s SO fun! We have a pool too and sometimes it gets really really dirty.

I’m sure you’ll love the things that I’ve been typing, I’m sure it’s a lot.

I love making pie with my mother, Cory Camp. My favorite food is chips and salsa. Sometimes I fart a lot. My Dad cares about my Mom. I love my Mom every day, I love her so much.

OK, bye!