Checking on the Chicks Each Morning

By Brian Jr., Ella Rose, and Grace

Brian: Each morning we check on the chicks to see if they are still alive or not and feed them.

Ella: Brian sometimes does this by himself. Today we all helped.

Checking on and feeding the chicks May 7th, 2020
Camera person- Grace

Ella: As you can see sometimes they try to get out in the mornings–today the Pennywise and Elsa tried really hard to get out… until Brian poured the food!

Brian: Earlier this week, we found a small hole outside the coop and another inside by the food bowl. The food bowl was wiped clean. I helped Mom put chicken netting under the coop to keep animals out.

Grace: We count all the chicks each morning too.

Ella and Grace counting chicks May 7, 2020
Camera person: Grace

Ella: Don’t worry, Greta is alive too!

*Posts are edited by Mom for spelling and punctuation.

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