Meet Greta

by Brian J. Camp Jr., age 10
This is now.

I love Greta so much. This week, I noticed that Greta got her first black feather on her back, and got her first black line on her beak. Greta is getting so fluffy and so big. She used to be so tiny if I cupped my hands together, she’d fit in my hands. But now she’s so big she’s is twice as bigger than my hands now.

I used to be scared to her up because I didn’t want to hurt her and my Mom would shout, “JUST PICK HER UP ALEADY!” so loud I swear the neighborhood a couple blocks away could hear her. 😂 I’m not scared of picking her up anymore.

Fun Fact: If you holed her against your stomach and constantly pet her on the neck and chest, she falls fast asleep.

This is the fist day we got them.On my lap is Greta the one that is on my arm is Penny.

2 thoughts on “Meet Greta

  1. Uncle Josh

    My Mom did the same thing on an early 2000’s family trip in Washington state visiting my Granny’s siblings. One of their neighbors had just come home with a fresh catch of really large salmon stuffed in ice chests. My brother Chance’s and my feet jumped up and down at the opportunity when asked to pose for some photos…but my fingers all of a sudden became a bit reclusive when I was told about the proper way to hold it. Then after some people’s patience fuse started sputtering…my Mom yelled at me while holding the camera to “Not be a weeny and just pick it up already!” Then her over 60-70 year old aunts chimed in and chanted the same. Did I forget to mention where the neighbors were in all this 😅


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