Our dog Jack

by Brian J. Camp Jr. – age 10

Jack is a playful pet and he the best dog you could ask for. He is a Labradoodle and likes to hop. He can hop really high and it’s really funny.

He used to sleep in my parent’s room but now he sleeps in my bed every night. In the morning, I have full responsibility on feeding him, and letting him outside.

Sometimes I try to take him on our walks, but my Mom does not let me walk him in the mornings (because she has her hands full with her coffee). I beg sometimes. It barely works, but its worth it. Normally I have to wait until our afternoon walks.

Jack tears up toys really fast but only likes toys that squeak. He loves to play catch, until he gets tired.

I tried talking Mom into a middle name for Jack, but she didn’t like my ideas and I didn’t like her’s. So he has not middle name.

*Posts are edited by Mom for spelling and punctuation.

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