My Mom and Breakfast

By Grace Camp, age 5

*Posts edited by Mom for clarity, spelling, and punctuation.

My Mommy makes breakfast every morning. But not on Mother’s Day. I love cereal. She always adds fruit to my cereal. Yum! Sometimes she makes me eat eggs, I do not like eggs very much but I do like eggs with salsa and cheese. This Mothers Day, Daddy cooked and made eggs. They were SO good. He put spicy cheese on them.

Sometimes I help Mommy make french toast or waffles. She lets me pour and mix ingredients. I like to use maple syrup with mine, but Mom won’t let me pour that anymore.

My FAVORITE breakfast is rhubarb pie! I love helping Mommy make that. Daddy likes it too.

When we cook, Mommy likes to play music on the Google. We both like listening to Lauren Daigel radio. Sometimes we dance.

Maybe we should make some cooking videos for you? But my Mom would need her coffee first. I never make her coffee but sometimes Brian does.

After breakfast we check on the chicks then wash out hands and brush and floss our teeth. We also make our beds and clean our rooms. [Editor’s Note: While beds made and rooms tidy is always the plan, it’s more of a pipe dream in the Camp House, y’all. It has happened before but not often. )

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