There’s a Reason We Call it Half-Ass

Y’all. Seriously, WHERE has the month gone?

This school year has nearly eaten our lunch here at the Half-Ass Homestead – three online learners at the Camp House and two home schoolers at the Norris House. Work has been even busier than ever for me and Tarin went back to work so the big garden has been just a little neglected 😬

The kids have gotten great use out of it though; picking peppers and tomatoes or digging for worms for the hens

Speaking of the hens, we were getting 4-5 eggs a day from our girls but that all stopped a few weeks ago. We’re thinking this is a light issue but will be investigating more.

Some days I feel Zoom runs our lives. Thank goodness for great weather and the new swing set that finally arrived… and for wine and whiskey. 🥃

The kids have been writing draft posts that I need to catch up on so be on the look out for those. I’ve decided that things won’t be slowing down anytime soon with some exciting work projects, the change in season, and the holidays coming up, let the half-assery begin!

P.S. Please send more wine or whiskey.

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