The Green Dream

Meet my latest antique beauty, The Green Dream.

Seriously, y’all, not only is this chair gorgeous, it’s comfortable enough to sit in for a little reading, working, and napping.

I found this beaut on the local Facebook selling wall a few days before Christmas and begged Sr. to let me get it. Merry Christmas to me! (I have such a wonderful husband.)

Photo Credit: Simple Homme, LLC

This vintage textured chair and ottoman by Bernhardt/Hibriten is in perfect condition; the wood has the perfect amount of wear and patina which gives it so much character. I’ll admit, I never imagined finding so much fondness for a piece with textured green upholstery. Maybe a deep jewel-toned green, but not this green – it’s kind of a vibrant olive green meets chartreuse.

Once we picked it up, I knew exactly where I wanted to put it – in the sunroom, snug in a sunny corner in the backdrop of my zoom calls. The color is the perfect compliment to the greens and yellows in the floral motif on my darling mid-century sofa. This also gave me perfect inspiration to rearrange and the sunroom, which is an ongoing work in progress fro me. *Updated pictures coming soon*.

It seems to hug you into its lap as you descend into it – similar to the way that first sip of coffee tastes oh-so-good – you just melt right into it. I can spend the whole day in this chair. Really the only thing keeping me from doing so is the cold temps. The sunroom is not an all season room, though I wish it was, and lately poor heater cannot keep up with this year’s low temps long enough for me to get more than a few hours in there.

I cannot wait for spring and sunny days, sipping sweet tea, lemonade, or a frozen ‘rita. Until then it’s a few hours with a heavy blanket and hot beverage.

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